Why another Land Rover Site ?

Relatively simple, we are not an usual Land Rover Site, but a Land Rover picture-book ! We don’t have much text (only on this side) but (want to have) tons of pictures. No explanations, no small talk, only pictures.  

So to say: the only Land Rover vernissage in the web.

As you can see from the title of our website, we are searching especially for pictures of Land Rover “on duty” (i.e. Authorities, Enterprises, construction companies, armies, police, border patrol, Red Cross, rescue and security services) and not the high gloss pictures of civilian cars, that you usually find in catalogues.

We want to help those that want to use Land Rover in commercial or government areas and for that are looking for pictures or links for equipment.
We want to stay it that way. Please don’t send us emails with questions, except to the pictures. None of us is a mechanic, but all are Land Rover owners. (Landrover Owners Group – LOG) Please send us pictures (up to 4 MB) to Mails, if you have more on a CD to the address below). Please send us only pictures that are free to publish and where there is no copyright on it. We thank the Land Rover-Media-Service for their help and contribution of pictures. Now have fun with the pictures !  

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